Luxury Redefined.

Luxury is more than just a price tag. True luxury tells a unique story through the finest craftsmanship and raw materials.

Mass production has led to the demise of the unique, the end of truly singular beauty. Seri Couture is redefining luxury by bringing back heritage, handcrafted beauty.

Each Seri Couture gown is handmade by skilled artisans.  It starts with heritage Golden Silk, hand-reeled from cocoons with painstaking precision.  Our artisans utilize traditional methods to spin the filaments into golden threads and weave on traditional looms, inch by painstaking inch. The resulting silk is lustrous, soft, strong, and unique—just like the women wearing our creations.

All of our dresses are made to order by our partner atelier in Phnom Penh.  Your dress is one of a kind, with the slight variations in color, texture, and pattern that can only come from handmade art. 

Each yard of Golden Silk tells a story.  When you wear a Seri Couture ikat gown, you are wearing a piece of history transformed for the modern era.

When you wear a Seri Couture gown, you are wearing true luxury.

Join us.