Our Values

Seri Couture believes that the foundation of a strong business is respect—for the customer you serve, for the communities you influence, and for the world in which you operate.  We are committed to delivering a gorgeous product without sacrificing our values, and to bringing the beauty of Golden Silk to the world market.

Respect for Cultural Heritage

We are committed to supporting and preserving the intangible heritage of Cambodian sericulture and weaving for future generations.  Seri Couture works with weavers in Cambodia to increase training and production of Golden Silk ikat textiles. We are dedicated to working with the handworker economy and celebrating the art of weaving. By transforming these heritage textiles into modern fashions, Seri Couture raises awareness of Golden Silk among new audiences and builds a stable global marketplace for Cambodian artisans.

Respect for People

We believe that all people deserve to be treated fairly and with dignity.  Our manufacturing partner in Phnom Penh pays their workers a living wage, providing training and upskilling at the atelier to create garments worthy of comparison to European fashion houses.

The silk collectives we work with support rural employment opportunities for women in Cambodia. By paying a fair price for each piece of handwoven silk, women are able to support their families on their own schedules and from the comfort of their own homes. 

We do not pressure our suppliers to provide unsustainable price cuts or discounts.  

Respect for Our Environment

The fashion industry is one of the most resource intensive and high polluting industries in the world. Seri Couture believes there is a better way to steal the spotlight. It starts with sustainable fibers and high-quality craftsmanship to produce clothes that will last for decades. Classic beauty never goes out of style, so our gowns are made to last.

From reeling silk threads, to weaving textiles, to assembling gowns, Seri Couture leverages and elevates the handworker economy, ensuring a negligible carbon footprint and water consumption.  We offer consumers a choice between natural dyes and AZO-free synthetic dyes to limit our chemical impact.

We refrain from using excess packaging to deliver our gowns.  The high you will get from wearing your one-of-a-kind Seri Couture gown will far surpass any momentary pleasure you may get from seeing layers of packaging cover it up!

We encourage you to learn more about the issues plaguing the fashion industry and what you can do to make a difference.


Suggested Reading & Watching

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