Our Story

Seri Couture is a luxury fashion label focused on the beauty and richness of Cambodian Golden Silk. We believe that true luxury tells a unique story through the finest craftsmanship and materials. Our story begins in the ancient Angkor Empire where skilled artisans began a tradition of silk ikat weaving that has lasted for hundreds of years.  

Our designs are timeless, showcasing classic silhouettes that flatter a woman’s body. We don’t subscribe to traditional industry seasons. Seri Couture dresses are for all seasons, eshewing the “trendy” for elegant, sophisticated cuts that never go out of style.

Seri is the Latin word for silk and where Seri Couture derives its name—transforming heritage Golden Silk into high fashion.

What is Golden Silk?

Today, nearly all commercial silk produced is from a single breed of white silkworm. Bred for profit rather than beauty, white silk has lost its strength and luster.

In Cambodia, a small group of farmers still raise the Golden Silkworm, a heritage breed dating back to the Angkor Empire. Golden Silk cocoons are much smaller than their white cousins, so thousands of Golden Silk cocoons are needed to create a single meter of silk. Golden Silk remains extremely rare. It is truly the queen of all silks, unparalleled in strength and shine.

Our Founder

As general manager for a large multinational company in Cambodia, American-born Rebecca Meisels was invited to a wedding and commissioned a traditional Cambodian outfit for the occasion. While sourcing the silk for her skirt, Rebecca learned about Golden Silk and and fell in love with the stunning ikat textiles. She also learned that nearly all Cambodian weavers now use imported white silk from China and Vietnam due to the low cost compared to native Golden Silk. Finding truly Cambodian silk had become increasingly difficult as artisans moved to cheaper alternatives.

Rebecca knew that if women could see the beauty of Golden Silk, they would fall in love with its richness.  Seri Couture was born to showcase the story and opulence of Golden Silk reimagined in modern designs.

Our Gowns

Each Seri Couture gown is handmade by skilled artisans.  It starts with heritage Golden Silk, hand-reeled from cocoons with painstaking precision.  Our artisans utilize traditional methods to spin the filaments into golden threads and weave on traditional looms, inch by painstaking inch. The resulting silk is lustrous, soft, strong, and unique—just like the women wearing our creations.

All of our dresses are made to order by our partner atelier in Phnom Penh.  Your dress is one of a kind, with the slight variations in color, texture, and pattern that can only come from handmade art.

Each yard of Golden Silk tells a story.  When you wear a Seri Couture ikat gown, you are wearing a piece of history transformed for the modern era.